Halloween Swinger Parties

October 13, 2010

Swinger Parties and Halloween go together like bisexual women and swinging.  Some of the absolute best and most fun swinger parties that we have ever been to were erotic fetish balls, naughty halloween parties, and any other kind of debaucherous swinger party where everyone starts off in sexy costumes.  There is just something about the anonymity, and the skimpy costumes the women wear that always gets Halloween swingers parties started off in the right direction.
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Our very first Lifestyle Party that we ever attended was on halloween and it is still one of our favorite memories.  We ended up with a group of Vampires and witches, sucking blood and riding on broomsticks.  We strongly encourage you to find a naughty halloween party close to you, and create your own naughty memories!

There are hundreds of Halloween parties listed for swingers around the country, and as always, you can get all of the details of the best swingers parties in the world at Kasidie. 


Swinger Parties – Where to find the best swinger parties?

June 10, 2010

There are so many great swinger parties happening every weekend and many weekdays in almost every major city in the USA and many cities throughout the world.  So the question is, how do you find out about all of these great swinger parties?  Unless you already hang out with a big group of swingers then there are only a few ways to find out about the events that your local swingers community are hosting.  It used to be much more difficult to find out about swingers parties.  Swingers are generally very discreet, and they certainly don’t advertise these private get togethers in your local newspaper.  The swinger parties were almost always promoted by word of mouth and you had to know someone in order to get in.
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Fortunately it is a lot easier being in the swingers lifestyle today than it was 10 years ago.  Now there are great swingers websites that have hundreds of local real swingers who have posted their profiles complete with G rated,  R Rated, and in many cases XXX rated pictures.  These genuine swinger profiles tell you exactly what their swinging preferences are and what type of couple or single they are interested in meeting.  Click here to see our own private list of our favorite authentic swingers sites. 

WARNING!  There are hundreds of sites out there that claim to be swingers sites and most of them are really just porn sites.  Each of the swinger sites that we mention are the real thing with real swingers, and we are, or have been members of each of them.  We guarantee them to be authentic and our favorite swingers site  has about 300 swinger parties listed each month!


Swinger Parties Our Favorites

June 1, 2010

What are our favorite kinds of swinger parties?  As we said in our 1st post, we have been to a lot of different kinds of swingers parties over the years.  We decided to add a new page describing of our favorite swinger parties, along with a brief description of what that particular type of swinger party is like.  Click here to see our favorite Swinger parties!


Swinger Parties

May 30, 2010

Welcome to Swinger Parties!  We are a real couple, and real swingers who have had so much fun, and met so many great lifestyle friends over the last 15 years.  We have no idea how many swinger parties, meet and greets, house parties and other swinger get togethers we have been to over the last 15 years, but we know that we have had an absolute blast!  We love the open flirtation, sensuality and sexuality that takes place when a group of sexy swingers gets together for an evening, a weekend,  a swingers vacation or a swingers takeover at some hot, sexy resort.
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Swinging can be so much easier and more exciting than it was back in the beginning because of some of the 1st class, sexy and informative swingers websites that are available to all of us today.  Unless you know a lot of swingers, then by far the easiest way to know about all of the hottest swingers parties that are happening in your city, or in your area is to be a member of one of these great swingers sites.  We created swingersparties.org to help new swingers and experienced swingers find the very hottest parties full of the sexiest swingers.

Whatever part of the swinging community, and whatever type of person or people that you would like to play with is available.  If you have never been to a real swingers website, you will be amazed at how many hot swingers live close to you.  Most of these swingers post between 10 and 100 or more photos of themselves, and it is so sexy to browse through the profiles.  We are talking about authentic swingers, not a fake swinger site that is really just a porn site.

In our opinion the best Swingers website today for couples is Kasidie.  This is a real swingers website that was built by real swingers for swingers.  We met the couple who started it at a huge swingers wine party at their mansion in Denver, and we knew from the beginning it was going to be special.  They took the very best from some of the other swingers websites and put it all into their own.  The focus is on the hottest swingers parties in your area.  You will always find the hottest swingers and the sexiest swingers parties at Kasidie.

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