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We are real swingers that love Swingers Parties!  We love house parties, lake parties, swingers club parties, on premise and off premise parties. swingers poker parties and more.  We started Swinger Parties so that anyone interested in getting the most fun out of their swinging adventures would always know about the hottest swingers parties coming up in their area.

We are a loving, committed couple in our early 40’s and have been involved in the swinging community for years. We used to attend the only swinger Party we knew about in our area, and we had a lot of fun.  Then we discovered the online swinger sites and a whole new world opened to us.  Suddenly we were able to look at pictures and profile of other sexy swingers and read exactly what they were interested in.  We could email and even IM couples or sexy singles that we were interested in playing with.  It was Swingers heaven!  We have been members of 5 different swingers websites over the years and there are benefits to all of them.  We will be writing a full review of all of all of the Swinger Sites soon, but we can tell you that our favorite for couples, BY FAR is Kasidie. 

You can get a free LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to Kasidie by clicking here.

To get the most out of your Kasidie membership you may want to upgrade to an Elite membership, but you can see a lot of the parties and get a great feel for the site with the free membership.  Please come back and leave a comment letting us know about your Kasidie Experience!  You can email us any questions at realswingers@swingerparties.org

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